What is the TELL MNPS Survey?
An anonymous online survey that asks licensed educators questions about teaching and learning conditions within their school. It is designed to provide educators across the district with an additional data point to enhance their development of school improvement plans. District leaders want to ensure that every educator has the supportive environment in place to produce their best work.
Why should I take the survey?
Research demonstrates that positive school working conditions—time, teacher empowerment, school leadership, professional development, and facilities and resources—are critical to increasing student achievement and teacher retention. This survey will provide you, your school and MNPS with information about the teaching conditions in your school. Your opinions matter. This survey will help put your experiences and perceptions at the center of school and district efforts to better recruit and retain quality teachers. Survey results are critical because:
  • School conditions matter for kids. The presence of positive teaching and learning conditions have been tied to improved student achievement.
  • School conditions matter for retaining teachers.
  • Survey results will provide valuable information to help the division and individual schools assess, celebrate, and improve working conditions.
How do I take the survey?
A letter with directions and an access code will be given out to each licensed educator. Your principal may choose to hand out these letters upon receipt or at a faculty meeting. Follow the directions in the letter to take the anonymous online survey. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You can take the survey between February 16 and March 13 from any computer with Internet access.  The survey is available 24-7 until March 13th, when it closes at 4:30 p.m. 
Is the survey really anonymous?
Yes, your responses are completely anonymous to MNPS. No reports will include information that could identify any individual teacher and no one at MNPS will be able to view one individual’s survey results. The New Teacher Center assigns each school a range of codes—one code per licensed educator. The codes are distributed randomly within each school. Access codes are only associated with a school, not an individual. Unique codes simply ensure each licensed educator only takes the survey once. 
What areas does the survey address?
The survey addresses teaching conditions in these areas: overall conditions, time, leadership, decision making, facilities and resources, professional development, student conduct, and community support. Research indicates that these conditions are closely related to student achievement and teacher recruitment and retention.
How will the results be used?
A school-level report will be provided to each school to facilitate discussions about conditions, and guide school improvement planning. Training and support on how to interpret their report and use it as a tool for school improvement will also be provided on this website. A comprehensive district-level report on the survey results—showing correlations between working conditions and student achievement as well as teacher retention—will be compiled by the New Teacher Center. These valuable data shape the decisions of policymakers and help them effectively address the unique concerns of teachers across the district.
Do principals take the survey too?
Principals take a slightly modified version of the survey—it simply includes additional questions that only apply to principals. Principal surveys are also anonymous, and the results will only be produced in aggregate at the district level, not individual schools.
What if I lose or did not get a survey access code?
The help desk is available throughout the survey window to assist survey participants that lost their survey access code, or did not receive a letter from their principal containing a code. You can reach the help desk by clicking here, by sending an email to helpdesk@tellmnps.org, or by phone at 866-301-2454 ext. 17, 7:30AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday until March 13th.
What if I work in more than one school?
If you work in more than one school, you received one access code for the school where you spend the most time. If you wish to take the survey for an additional work location, the help desk is available during the survey to give you an additional access code.
Who is the New Teacher Center?
The New Teacher Center (NTC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to high-quality teaching. NTC is a nonpartisan group with a mission to support the development of an effective, dedicated, and inspiring teaching force. NTC has vast experience conducting similar surveys across the country.
Who else has taken the survey?
The Teaching & Learning Conditions Survey began in 2002 and has now been replicated across the nation. These surveys have measured such conditions as time, professional development, leadership, empowerment, and facilities and resources—all of which have an impact on student learning conditions and teacher retention.  
Who can I call if I need help?
The help desk is available Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. while the survey is open. You can reach the help desk by clicking here, by sending an email to helpdesk@tellmnps.org, or by phone at 866-301-2454 ext. 17, 7:30AM - 4:30PM Monday through Friday until March 13th.